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Avoid these common roofing scams

Nov 2

This is the worst nightmare for homeowners. This happens when someone claims they can replace your siding at a reasonable price and you sign a contract to get started.

If homeowners aren’t careful, roofer scams can be easy to fall for. Avoid being trapped by not knowing the truth about roofing scammers. We at don't do this kind of thing so be careful who you choose to.

  • The Roofer Who Calls at Your Door

A pleasant roofer will knock on doors in the hopes of getting business. A free inspection might be offered to you. Your roofer may cause irreparable damage to your roof in order to get your insurance company covered for the repairs. Even if your roof is in bad shape, a roofer may try to damage it. A door-to-door salesman might try to convince you to sign a document authorizing them access to your roof. It's really an agreement.

What is the bottom line? What's the bottom line?

  • Living costs are rising.

The "elevator trip" scammer is a well-known fraudster who will again try to take advantage of your trust. The quote you receive will be very low and will convince you to sign the contract right away. It is not possible to believe that this offer could be real. Roofers will often claim additional damage to your roof and increase costs if they take it off. Unpredictably rising costs of materials could also be a possibility. This could mean that the company needs additional funding. You might feel compelled to spend more money because your roof could be damaged. This is not an easy situation.

This scam is easy to avoid. Do not sign any contract that appears too good to be true.

  • Storm Chaser: A ship that chases down thunderstorms.

You might come across pamphlets and brochures promoting roofing repair in the region after a storm. These roofers can help homeowners make the most of new roofing opportunities. They take advantage of homeowners who are having difficulty finding a roofing contractor because of increased demand. Storm chasers can do bad work or use fraudulent techniques. Although it is difficult to wait for a roofer to arrive, you should avoid hiring the first person to come. Instead, get estimates from multiple contractors and do your research to see what other people think about each one. You should also ensure that they have a license.

  • Pay Up-Front

Be wary if your roofer requests a partial or down payment before they begin work. Be wary of roofers asking for a down payment or partial payment before they start work.

  • Repairs That Don't Work

Roofers do not have the training to do outstanding work. They charge a lot for repairs that are not sufficient or costly. Even if your roof is leaking or showing other signs of damage that you might not know about, this applies. You can avoid this fraud by looking for quality assurance in your contract and doing some research on the provider. Verify that the business has received positive reviews from the community and has a good reputation.