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What to Expect During Your Home's Siding Installation

Nov 2


You've picked a reputable siding contractor. Now you need to save money for siding replacement. It's now time to start siding installation. The process for installing siding, similar to any other home improvement job, will vary depending on the features of your house. You can control your expectations for the project by working with a professional contractor who has experience with the process of replacing siding. This will ensure you are satisfied when you are undertaking home improvements.


Timeline for a Siding Installation

It is essential to consider the size of your home when you're considering siding. The timeline for installing siding will be affected by the size of your house, the number of stories, and also the terrain. Before you can provide you with the final price, your selected siding contractors Pittsburgh will discuss all of these factors with you.

A majority of homeowners can finish their siding between 10-14 days. The time frame for your project can be extended if the siding requires painting. This will include the removal of old siding along with the preparation work and insulation, as well as any final touches like trimming.


How do you get your home ready for siding installation?


You can prepare your home for installation like every other home improvement.

  • Trim or tie back shrubs and trees that are near your home. Before installing siding, you should cut your lawn in a short. It will be easier to utilize a nail locater magnetic to find any staples or nails that are lost during siding restoration.

  • Remove all potted plants or patio furniture gardening equipment off the exterior of your house.

  • In the course of siding installation and removal, the walls of your home might shake. Get rid of any valuables or photos that could cause risk.

  • A dumpster can be delivered to collect old siding and other trash. To facilitate the work of workers, ensure your driveway is clear.

  • Reduce the risk of your vehicle being damaged by objects that are loose by parking them further from your house.

  • Be sure to keep all children and pets away from the work area for their own safety.

  • It's also essential to speak with your contractor regarding shutters, downspouts, or caulking prior to the installation. Ask your contractor if fixtures must be removed prior to the work starts, or if any workers will be in charge of preparing the areas around your windows or doors.

Installation of siding: Steps and procedures

Removal of Old Siding


Before the siding you want to install can be put in place, it is necessary to take down the siding that was previously in place. While the work is in progress the team of your contractor will examine the wall below it for indications of water damage or rot.

Preparation of the Wall


The quality of the wall underneath the siding determines its appearance and its strength. To ensure that your siding will be correctly placed the contractor will assess and fix the wall.

Installation of Insulation


Following the removal of the old siding, the contractor will ensure that the home is adequately insulated.

Installation of New Siding


Then, your new siding is put in its place. It may take a few days to paint the siding once it has been installed.

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