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Deck Builders Birmingham AL

Dec 8

Birmingham Alabama Deck Builders

Choosing a contractor to build a deck can be a daunting task:

  • Who do you trust?
  • What materials should you use?
  • How much should everything cost?
  • How do you know if a contractor does good work or is insured?

Adding a deck to our house can be exciting and big addition. We are here to help you navigate how to make the best decision and help you find a deck builder Birmingham AL. Let's get into the questions and get you on your way to choosing the right deck contractor. 



When picking a contractor you should ask them any and every question that is on your mind. We recommend that you do some research and get comfortable with the contractor you are going to be working with. Any reputable company will be willing and ready to show you their insurance, past work, and reviews from past customers. You are going to spend a decent amount of money on your new deck, trust the company that you decide to work with is going to do good work and stand behind their work.



There are different options when considering building a deck. Depending on the price of lumber at the time of reading this, the answer to this question could be a number of different things. We suggest that you speak with your local contractor to figure out the right material for you and your budget. There are different options to add custom or upgrades to decks if you are looking to make yours stand out. We are more than happy to go over all of these things with you. 



A contractor should give the exact cost of work and complete scope of work upfront before you have paid for anything. You have the right to know how much your project is going to cost and what to expect as the project progresses. Be weary of a contractor who does not want to give you an estimate or one who negotiates in price. These are indicators that quality might get sacrificed and corners may get cut. 



Before working with anyone in construction, you should request to see their up to date insurance. This is a must have and will protect you in the case anything were to happen during the project. Every reputable  contractor will carry the proper insurance and licenses to work according to Alabama's requirements.


Give Us a Call

Our team has been working in Birmingham and building decks for decades. We only work with guys who have proven experience and install at the highest quality to ensure our customers are getting the best deck for the money. Our team focuses on customer service and will continue to work with you until you are satisfied and excited to show off your new deck!

Looking for a good contractor can be difficult, but when you find the right company, you can reap the rewards and get an excellent addition to your home.