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Jan 23

To repair a rigid panel fence, everything will depend on how it was installed and, more precisely, on the type of posts used.

When should a rigid panel fence be repaired?

In theory, the rigid panels of the fences are made to last, especially if you have opted for good-quality material. However, some circumstances may require the panels to be replaced or repaired: excessive ball kicking (especially near sports fields) or a vehicle hitting the fence or a fallen tree, for example.

Different repair solutions can be implemented. If only a small part of the panel is damaged, it is not possible to consider a partial repair. It will be necessary to replace the entire damaged or broken panel. 

To weaken the fence, depending on the post used, it will also seem necessary to change a post. This operation will entirely depend on the type of post used. 

What techniques should be used to repair a rigid panel fence? 

Each rigid panel fence post uses different fastening systems. Therefore, the technique for removing and replacing a panel will depend on the post.

Posts with tie collars

These are the posts that make it easier to replace rigid panels. Simply unscrew the clamps (which connect the panels to the posts) to remove the grid. You can screw them back to fix a new one in a second step.

Posts with clip fixings

Like the clamps, they remain easy to handle. The only constraint is to use a screwdriver. You can then remove the clips remove the grid to put a new one. Namely, the pliers to install the clips are not provided with the purchase of the posts, but you can use multi-grip pliers that you will protect so as not to damage the paint.

For notched posts

These posts are perhaps the ones that will generate the most complication when changing the panel. Indeed, this system is considered unremovable, and these fence posts were not designed with this in mind. One of the solutions and simplest is to replace the post with a so-called "repair" post. Indeed this one is specially made to repair damaged fences because it comes in 2 parts. Identical in shape to the standard post on arrival, the two parts are bolted together after inserting the panel into the notches. There is another solution, less expensive but also less aesthetic and resistant. Simply unfold manually, with pliers, each of the notches of these posts, the time to remove the rigid panel. You can then fold them again, one by one, to attach the new panel. The operation is all the more delicate since these notches have not been designed to be manipulated in this way. The risk of breaking them is indeed present: which would impact the entire solidity of the fence.

Who should pay for the repair of a fence? 

To repair your fence, you can follow the previous recommendations or call on a professional. In both cases, it will generate costs, if only for the material.

If the fence has been damaged by a vehicle, its driver is in principle responsible for the damage and must take charge of it, with or without the assistance of his insurance.

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