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Pro’s and Con’s of Vinyl Window Frames vs Wood Window Frames

Jan 31

The Most Affordable Window Frame

The most affordable windows frame material is vinyl. Base options for wood, aluminum and fiberglass frames are often more expensive than top quality vinyl windows. Vinyl frames don't require costly repairs, with little to no maintenance required. If you clean your windows about once a month, they will look better. They are the best option for homeowners who want to stay within a budget and save money. Affordability is not a sign of poor quality.

PVC - Vinyl

PVC is an extremely durable material that is often used in the creation of everyday applications, which is why vinyl windows are engineered with it. Cleveland homeowners like vinyl due to its dependability. The home can be protected from storms, snowfall and strong winds with this type of frame. Heavy duty, multi chambered extrusions provide structural integrity. Solid windows are guaranteed for years to come with the combination of quality and durability.

Vinyl is the top energy efficient frame material. Air leakage is kept to a minimum with the Energy Star Certified windows from EZ Window Solutions. Less drafts and lower energy bills can be achieved with our vinyl windows. You don't have to worry about the hard work of your heating and cooling system. Even in the most extreme Cleveland weather conditions, your home is guaranteed to stay at a comfortable temperature.

We know that we can provide homeowners with the highest quality windows at the most affordable price, which is why we pride ourselves on that. The perfect balance of affordability, durability and energy efficiency can be found in our high performance, replacement vinyl windows. Your windows need to not only satisfy the needs but also the individual style of your home, that's what our team at EZ Window Solutions understands. We want to boost your home's curb appeal and overall aesthetic by offering endless options. If you want to learn more about our replacement vinyl window options, please call or visit our website.


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