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How to install an effective fence?

Feb 5

A patch of land, however pleasant it may be, is not enough to comfortably accommodate your horse. From the fence to the water trough, it is necessary to provide many pieces of equipment that are not incidental. The choice is not easy and the amount of the bill rises quickly... But security and peace of mind are priceless!

Today, let's focus on the nerve center of the meadow: the fence. What types of conductors should be favored during installation? What are the accessories to use? How to electrify it? So many questions for which I will try to provide you with solutions…

Fence side.

The right fence must contain the horses in a delimited space, in complete safety. Its maintenance must be simple and its durability ensured. Forget the traditional agricultural fence with its dangerous barbed wire and opt for another system.

A first track, quite common, is to choose a twisted metal wire without quills. If the economy is there, the system is not without danger. The wires are not very visible and horses in a panic situation can run into the fence. At best they will smash it, at worst they can seriously injure themselves.

The "hard" fence made up of strings ( LICE ) combines comfort with aesthetics. But whether it is made of wood or PVC, it remains quite expensive. The investment is to be considered over several years... There is no question then of realizing penny-pinching savings by skimping on the quality of the materials (wood treatment, solidity of the plastic, etc.). The stakes, depending on the nature of the material (wood/PVC) and their degree of finish (rough, round, square), cost between 2 and 35 euros. It takes 2 to 10 euros per linear meter for the warp, while the twisted wire costs about 15 euro cents per meter. The norm remains the establishment of a stake every three meters, a little less in the case of turbulent animals. You can have two warps, four or five wires, or mix the two.

A wired fence.

The electricity fairy works miracles! The electric fence makes it possible to design a temporary or permanent enclosure , or to secure an already existing fence . Widely used for the breeding of livestock (cows, sheep, etc.), the device nevertheless has some particularities in the case of horses.

If the energizer is the same (as far as possible, it is preferable to use a device connected to the mains, more powerful and more reliable than the models on batteries or batteries), the quality of the tape can make a big difference.

Wide ribbons are more visible and therefore both more reliable and perform better than narrow ribbons. The electric wire, reserved for cattle herds, is to be avoided. Nor should all the accessories be taken lightly: insulators, grounding, circuit breakers, line testers, etc., which contribute to the efficiency of the electric wire fence. Each questionable connection leads to a loss of load which reduces the efficiency of the fence accordingly.

For the stakes , everything will depend on the expected longevity and the need or not to modulate the configuration. From wooden posts to plastic posts, a wide range is available. To effectively close a pasture of one hectare, you need a budget of around 2000 euros.

A bit of geometry.

While one hectare of pasture invariably corresponds to 10,000 m², its perimeter varies greatly depending on the plot. A well "square" pasture of 100 meters on each side requires 400 linear meters of fence. It takes 500 meters for a plot of 200 mx 50 m and nearly 600 meters for a plot of 250 mx 40 m. A significant additional cost when installing the fence!

You now have knowledge of all the tools at your disposal to create a fence that will ensure your peace of mind and security ... Beware, however, of false savings! Makeshift crafts and salvaged materials are not always a good solution. In addition to the sometimes questionable aesthetics (the recycled bathtub that acts as a drinking trough), sometimes the safety of the horses is at stake. A patched-up fence can turn into a sharp weapon, a manger presented with sharp edges, a building made of odds and ends have protruding parts, etc. So system D … mistrust!

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