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Bit Leash - Drill Bit Holder

Apr 1

You'll never misplace your drill bits again.

Tired of losing your drill bits when you need them the most? Bit Leash is the solution to your problem. It is the best drill accessory you will ever buy. It ensures that you'll never lose them again and will give the best performance possible.

Bit Leash is a tool that allows you to swap in different bits all with one connector strap. It minimizes the time spent on your projects. When you're drilling and need to change bits, this tool attaches around your drill's chuck and holds the bit in place. It provides a secure grip on the bit so that you can easily swap between bits without dropping it twice.

You can buy bits with your Bit Leash that can work with any screw to help with any project. In addition to square, hexagonal, and Phillips bits, there is also an interchangeable bit adapter that comes with cross head, square and star shaped Torx to use for even more projects. There are also two different socket adapters you can buy with the tool to change from a screwdriver to a wrench.

One of our clients has said that the Bit Leash is the “next best drill accessory”, because it made exchanging bits quick & easy. The Bit Leash is made of a durable, high quality material – strong enough to handle any job without breaking.

Watch this Youtube video showing the Bit Leash in action: