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Barrenjoey Lighthouse

May 4

About Barrenjoey Lighthouse

The Barrenjoey Lighthouse is a heritage-listed lighthouse at the top of Wave Rock Point, Palm Beach County Park and Ocean Reserve Nature State Heritage Site. It was designed by James Barnet who also designed lighthouses in New South Wales colonial architecture style which are now all listed on Australia's Register for National Estate significance as well. Built between 1881 -1885 this impressive structure has been witness to many accidents but remains standing due to its thick stone walls topped with iron spikes creating two layers vertically each containing 24 ovens like holes making it impenetrable even if someone were somehow able to reach up inside!

The historic Barrenjoey Headland lighthouse is a unique landmark that has withstood the test of time. The fire damage from September 2013 will be difficult to fully recover but luckily, due in part to its structural integrity and location high atop rugged terrain; this old building was able to withstand flames beautifully!

The views from Barrenjoey Lighthouse are iconic. Whether you're looking out over Ku-ringgai Chase National Park or just standing on top of Broken Bay, there's no better way to take it all in than with a view that spans as far down the spectrum ranges!

Barrenjoey Lighthouse

What to do in Barrenjoey Lighthouse

Hike up to the top of Barrenjoey with scenic views along Broken Bay. You can take an easy walk or go more challenging by taking the Smugglers Track which is shorter but shallower in terms of elevation change per km travelled towards your destination (1%, versus 5%). If you're lucky enough during select months between May-August for whale watching!

This hike is great for those looking to get their sweat on and enjoy some amazing views of the ocean. It's an easy trail that becomes more difficult as you go, but with plenty of overlooks along this headland, it'll be worth every step! The best time to go is early in the morning when there aren't many people around yet or else your experience will be ruined by other visitors who have been coming since before sunrise was even light enough to let them see what they're photographing at sunset
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Be sure to pack your binoculars for whale watching between the months of May and September. You won't want any other sight than this across Ku-ring gai Chase National Park, Broken Bay or even at Central Coast with its stunning views!

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