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These are 5 Reasons You Should Consider Carpet Tiles For Your Tiny House

Jun 21

These are 5 Reasons You Should Consider Carpet Tiles For Your Tiny House

Carpet tiles have been used in more places than elementary schools and airports in the past ten years. Once a useful way to cover ground, carpet tiles have evolved into a fun and sophisticated way to add color and texture to any house.

Carpet tiles are squares made of carpet that can easily be locked together.

Carpet tiles are made up of squares of carpet that are attached together to cover a surface. They are available in a range of sizes including 19x19 and 24-x24 square. They are not in large rolls that require multiple people to carry but come in small boxes of 10-12. You can easily put them together with just a few simple tools.

They can be used in multiple patterns.

They can be made in many thicknesses, textures, and materials. Some carpet tiles are made with recycled plastic bottles. Others are made from natural materials like sisal and jute. Many of these materials can be cleaned easily.

Many are even available in recycled and sustainable materials.

These reasons are good enough on their own. But here are five additional reasons to consider carpet tiles in your tiny home:

1. They are also easier to put in

You will find most tiny houses with laminate or hardwood floors. Laying carpet tiles is the easiest way to add flooring to a tiny home. A professional or a simple chalk line is all you need to lay the tiles. Installing a small floor takes only a few minutes. It is also possible to attach them to a loft without having to lift a heavy roll of carpet up a ladder.

2. You can easily alter the size.

Carpet tiles can be used to tile a single area of a floor. You can create an area rug using just a few pieces of tile, or cover a single bedroom or sleeping loft with tiles.

3. You can be very creative

Many carpet tiles can be rotated to create unique patterns. Many homeowners choose to purchase random tiles in various colors and patterns to create their unique floor. Your imagination is the limit.

4. Tiles that have been damaged can be easily replaced

If your dog chews up a piece of carpet tile, you can easily pull it up and have another one installed. It pays to buy carpet tiles from a reputable dealer.

5. They are cheaper

Laminate and hardwood flooring have skyrocketed in recent years. Basic carpet tiles can still easily be purchased for between a dollar and $2 per square foot. It will cost you less than $1,000 to install carpet tiles in a 250-square foot tiny home. A deal or sale might get you $500.

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