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Can you install ductwork on your own?

Jun 22

Can you install ductwork on your own?

Homeowners often forget the ductwork as it is one of the most important components in an HVAC system. These are tubes that circulate air throughout your house. These ducts are efficient and cost-effective in cooling and heating throughout their lifetime. Poorly installed ductwork could result in high energy consumption, unreliable cooling, poor comfort, or even worse, a loss of heat.

Is it better to hire someone or do it yourself? How do you handle your ductwork?

Some people think that doing it yourself is cheaper than hiring an HVAC technician to service your air conditioner. While you can do ductwork yourself to save time and avoid wondering, it is best to have a professional HVAC technician handle your Duct Installation. Ductwork runs through the entire house, making DIY repairs difficult.

Energy Star reports that homes lose between 20% and 30% of their air-conditioned air because of duct leaks, poor connections, holes, and other issues. This means that if your HVAC system loses 30% of its air conditioning, then it will most likely be used longer, leading to increased electricity bills and frequent repairs.

If you do not take care of your ductwork, it can become damaged over time. Cracks may form that allow cool air to escape from the attic and let dirty air into your home. To save money while improving comfortability and health, you need to be attentive to signs of deterioration. Good ductwork is efficient and can distribute air throughout your house without leaking. It will also keep all rooms at a comfortable temperature. You'll feel fresh and cozy every day.

Keep these things in mind: Although you might save some money installing your own ductwork, it is not something that you can simply follow to avoid problems. It is not your typical bake-your-own-cookies type of situation, and especially, it is not that easy. Dominant homeowners will find ductwork installation and other HVAC projects too technical and complex. It is not an area they can afford to do perfectly every time.

Poor ductwork installation could lead to serious problems. These complications can lead to energy inefficiency to higher bills. Are you concerned about another bankruptcy situation? (Of course! Who does?)

HVAC experts and professionals should only attempt duct installation. You have the option to save money. It is not limited to ductwork.

Columbus Airduct Cleaning will be happy to answer any questions about ductwork and HVAC.

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