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How To Clean Vinyl Siding?

Aug 25

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Cleaning vinyl siding

In terms of home improvement or materials, we always look for something that is durable that can withstand the test of time to ensure that what we invest in is worth it. But being versatile is not just the only thing that we need to look for. Versatility, elegance, and less maintenance are the other characteristics that most homeowners are also looking for.

When it comes to exterior renovation, vinyl siding is the popular choice for most homeowners because it has all the features that they need. Since it is made from special plastic, it can easily mimic the appearance of wood in case you prefer those kinds of looks. Plus you don’t have to worry about painting it because it comes in different colors to choose from.



Because of its growing popularity every year it became less expensive. And some homeowners who are doing exterior renovations just easily throw away those sidings without knowing that since it is made from plastic, you can easily clean it to return them to its original beauty.

Since it is placed in the exterior part of the house, vinyl siding is always exposed to different kinds of dirt. It can accumulate stubborn stains and grimes that can make the siding looks old and unmaintained. Those specks of dirt and stains are from birds, insects, spider webs, and rust. And if it is not installed correctly, there will be room for moisture that can cause the growth of molds and other unwanted stains.

Cleaning vinyl siding is an easy thing to do plus there are many cleaning products available in the market that can help you in removing those different types of stains and dirt. And the better way to clean it is to use a soft microfiber cloth or a long handle soft bristle brush to clean it in an upward direction. Always remember to rinse it thoroughly to avoid any moist.

Vinyl siding cleaner solution:

  • A mixture of 70% water and 30% white vinegar is a perfect solution for removing mildew stains and light molds in the vinyl siding.
  • For a stronger solution, mix 1 gallon of water, ⅔ cup of a powdered house cleaner, 1 quarter of laundry bleach liquid, and ⅓ cup of laundry powdered detergent.
  • For tough stains and dirt like grease, oil, grass, topsoil, crayons, bubble gum, and other forms of dirt, you can use a general household cleaner just like Lysol, Windex, and other products.
  • If you are worried that your garden landscape will be affected if you will clean the siding because of the cleaning chemicals you will use, mix 1 cup of oxygen bleach and 1 gallon of water in a bucket and use it in cleaning the dirt.

When using a pressure washer in cleaning the vinyl siding, always limit the amount of pressure to avoid any damage. And avoid using furniture polish cleaners, solvent, undiluted chlorine bleach, nail polish remover, or anything that can remove its paint. Also never use steel wool.