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Should I Stain or Replace My Deck?

Sep 12

Decks can develop minor structural issues over time that can have a significant impact on their functionality. Let's look at the problems you can fix.

Weather, construction materials, insects, and other factors can all cause damage to your deck. These problems can be identified in a future post. However, you can control some things, such as materials and construction.

A deck that is well maintained adds beauty and function to your home. However, deck wear can be caused by many factors. Homeowners have the option of replacing their deck with a new one or trying to repair it using deck staining Denver.

Which do you choose?

Old boards are made new again - Fix & Stain

You can paint them or stain them as long as they are in good condition.

The front deck was in poor condition, and we didn't feel the need to replace it. We smoothed out any rough edges and hired professionals to re-stain it.

If the deck is higher than 16 feet above the ground or the boards are in poor shape, you should be cautious about board breaking and not allow yourself to carry any weight. You should inspect the beams and joists to ensure stability. If you notice cracks vertically, it might be time for replacement of the base posts.

Warping, Chipping, and Splitting Old Boards – Replace

You may need to replace the entire deck if you notice a lot more checking, splitting, and board movement recessing screw movements. Screw hole rust can also be seen. I wouldn't recommend putting too much weight on the deck while you wait. Try poking the boards with an ice pick or an awl to see if it is soft. This is an indication of water damage and rot. If it were mine, I'd replace it. The least of them that are badly broken.

If the "splits", or the majority of the way through the board, aren't very deep, then this is what's known as "checking", which .... normal. unfortunately. The checks are not as deep as actual splits, but they can be quite numerous. These deck boards are commonly used in many places and are 5/4 x 6.

Any grade of decking can be checked. Higher grades have less imperfections and knots.

Make sure your professional who replaces the boards do a good job by creating a level deck, plumb railings, nice cuts, uses proper nails/screws/brackets all around. To increase the lifespan and longevity of my deck, I almost always insist on a higher quality wood.

Fix & Stain for tight budgets

If you have a limited budget and cannot replace the entire deck or just a few boards, rent a "square buff" sander from your local rental center and give the deck a thorough sanding.

You will need to replace any boards that feel spongy or soft. They are not safe or stable. You can wood stain Denver to your liking.



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