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Oct 5

It is an investment that is worth a lot, so it makes sense to take care of it and make it beautiful. A fence is a necessary step to protect your property and an expensive investment. It is crucial to choose the right contractor for the job to avoid complications during or after the installation.
There are seven main ways to protect yourself, your property, and your investment.


Interviewing fence contractors Oceanside is a good way to learn more about them and their company before you decide. These are some things to consider:

* You should not receive a generic response to your call when you call the office. A professional company will always have a professional answer for their phones, which should include the company name.
* Advertisements should contain a verified address. Many fly-by night services won't have an address that can be tracked to.
Check listings with the Better Business Bureau. This service is free to consumers.
It is a common reaction to see listings and to choose the first company that they find. Remember that listing a company at the top of a search, or on a phone directory is not a sign of their ability.

Red Flags to Interview

As you go through the process to find your contractor, there are some other things you should remember:

* Do not be obligated to make an immediate decision if you are a contractor.
It is a bad sign to be forced to pay cash by a professional. Some legitimate businesses will offer cash discounts to their customers. This should not be confused if the contractor requires that you pay cash only.
* A professional contractor will provide you with a written estimate of the services you request. If they refuse to give one, then you should not do business with them.

Essential Questions

Other details you should discuss with your fence contractor or potential contractor are:

* Which materials are they recommending and why?
* Ask about the procedures for replacing or repairing fencing.
* How long has the general contractors Oceanside CA pro been able to stay within the estimated amount?
* How often are they on time?
* Does the company offer any kind of warranty for their work?
* Can any materials that you have currently be reused or recycled for the repair/installation?

Talk to as many contractors as possible and request written estimates.

Planning 1-2-3

  1. When you plan your fence, you should consider how much money you can afford for labor and materials. Once you've made these decisions, you need to share them with your fence contractor. They will then confirm that they can work within the guidelines.
    2. Consider where your fence should be placed. Is it to cover the whole area or a specific portion of the land? Are you looking to add different fencing types, such as one near the house and another further away?
    3. Take a look at magazines and other properties for ideas. Then, show the photos to the contractor so they can get a clear picture of what you are looking for. Don't be afraid to ask for help or design ideas.

Contact Person and Establish Timeline

You will need a clear timeline that outlines when the work should be completed. Consider whether there are any discounts or delays for achieving the goals.

Large jobs often have multiple people working on them. Find out who is the direct responsible in case of any questions or problems.


Contractors may offer a guarantee for their work. Ask about the guarantees offered by the company for the job.

There may be a warranty depending on the material you choose for your fencing. Extended warranties are often offered by many manufacturers of automatic gates, with some even offering seven-year warranties.


It is important to find out what the company's policy regarding work. Some companies require payment upfront, while others require payment at the completion of the job.
Can they finance? Are they willing to finance?


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