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Oct 25

You'll see a white picket fence around almost any 1940s family movie. You'll be able to see in enough movies that these fences, at least in their front yards, may look similar from a distance. However, each house is unique and has its own style.

Oceanside fence has been used for many years to improve homes and create yards. For many years, the stockade fence was almost the only type of fence that you could see. It consisted of many thin panels arranged in rows, with a pointed peak at its top. The stockade was a fence that divided spaces and defined yards. It was not a great stylistic choice, especially since everyone had one.

Today's homeowners are choosing to break free from "stockade syndrome" and choose fences that incorporate different styles, materials, and other embellishments. This not only makes a statement about your home's design but also increases its value. Here are some ideas to ensure that the fence you choose will enhance your home's aesthetic and make it more inviting.

  • Gothic: Gothic fencing is a traditional look. Each picket has a top edge that resembles the fleur de lis. Gothic designs can be made in vinyl or wood, with many different finishes, including solid colors as well as stains. Gothic styles can be matched with your backyard and front designs by being available in many heights.
  • Partially or full lattice: This style can be used in both traditional and contemporary homes. It also works well with craftsman-style bungalows. Lattice can also be used to break up long fences, tricking the eyes into seeing a bigger area.
  • Iron: Popularized in the 18th and 19th century, iron fencing is seeing a revival, particularly among larger homeowners who want to create an "estate-like" appearance. An iron fence can be paired with a matching gate, depending on the design, and makes a bold statement in both traditional and contemporary homes. Iron fences are not very privacy-friendly so they can be used together with other fence types to close back yards and private areas.
  • Horizontal plank: This is what most fencing uses: Vertical pickets. This fence is a popular choice for ranch-style and modern homeowners who want to change the tradition.

Style is just one aspect of choosing a fence. You can personalize your outdoor space with fences made today in a variety of materials and finishes. Wood has always been the most popular material for outdoor spaces. It is cheaper than other materials and can be stained or painted in a variety of colors. Wooden fencing can be used in a wide variety of styles depending on its finish, including rustic country and cottage homes as well as Victorian homes.

Wood can be finished in many different ways, but it needs to be maintained. If you prefer a rustic, natural appearance, this can require scraping, sanding, and priming to keep it looking great. Natural fencing can still look rustic and beautiful, but it needs to be maintained and treated occasionally in order to preserve its beauty and longevity. Vinyl fencing has become very popular in recent years. Vinyl fencing used to look plastic in its early days, but modern manufacturing techniques allow for realistic looking fencing. Iron fences can be made in many styles and colors.

No matter the type of fencing that you choose, it is a good idea not to try to do-it-yourself installation. It may seem simple to put up a fence. Dig some holes, screw in the posts, and then attach the horizontal sections. It's not that easy. For a fence to look good and work properly, it must be correctly installed. This includes the proper anchoring of horizontal and vertical supports as well as precise leveling over large areas of ground. Professional installers are familiar with the value of your investment and have the skills and experience to ensure that the fence you choose will provide years of enjoyment as well as increasing the property's value.


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