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Fence Fashion: 5 Trendy Fence Designs for Wilmington, NC Homes

Jan 26

Do you want to make the outside of your Wilmington, NC home look better? You might want to add a trendy fence design to your yard. Your property will look better and be worth more if you change the way your fence looks. From wooden pickets and lattice panels to metal posts and decorative touches, there are many ways to give your fence a look that is unique and fits your style. Here are five popular fence styles that will give your Wilmington, North Carolina, home a new, stylish look.

Top 5 Trendy Fence Designs

  1. Traditional wood picket fence: The traditional wood picket fence has been around for hundreds of years and is still a popular choice today. This traditional style can be changed to fit any home, whether you go for the standard 3-foot white picket look or add taller posts with decorative accents.

  2. Modern metal fence: If you want your yard to look more modern, you could put up a modern metal fence. This kind of fencing can be made from aluminum, steel, or wrought iron, and it can also be powder-coated to make it last longer and protect it from the weather. It's easy to put up, doesn't need much care, and is great for security and privacy.

  3. Vinyl fencing: If you want a fence that doesn't need to be painted or stained, think about vinyl fencing. It comes in many different styles and colors to match any home, and it looks good in any landscape design.

  4. Lattice top fence: The intricate lattice panel design of this type of fence gives it a touch of elegance. The open weave style lets light and air through but keeps your yard private and adds an interesting visual element.

  5. Ornamental iron fence: If you want your yard to look extra special, you should get ornamental iron fencing. With its intricate scrollwork, finials, and other decorative touches, this type of fencing gives you a wide range of options. Make your property look unique and stylish by giving it a look that is all your own.


No matter what kind of fence you choose, make sure it follows all local rules and codes. With so many cool styles to choose from, you're sure to find a fence that fits your home and your tastes. Get creative and have fun making changes to the outside of your Wilmington, NC home.

The Role of Material and Color in Your Fence Design

When thinking about getting a new fence for your Wilmington, NC, home, keep in mind that the material and color of the fence can make a big difference in how it looks as a whole. After deciding on the style, make sure to choose materials that are good for your climate. For example, wooden picket fences need more upkeep than metal or vinyl fences, and they work best in warmer climates. Color is also important, and you should pick a color that goes well with the outside of your house. Darker colors are more common, but lighter colors can make your outdoor space feel warmer and cozier. With so many color and material options, you're sure to find the perfect fence for your home.

Creating a Cohesive Look for Your Outdoor Space with a Coordinated Fence and Deck Design

For a really stylish look, you might want to connect the designs of your fence and deck. By using the same kind of material for both pieces, you can give your outdoor space a beautiful, unified look. For example, you could install a modern metal fence with a metal deck railing, or you could go for a warm, inviting look with a traditional wooden picket fence and a wood deck. No matter what kind of fence and deck you choose, if you make them work together, your  Wilmington, NC home will look stylish and put together.

No matter what kind of fence you choose, it's important to have a professional put it up. A professional can make sure that your fence is built right and meets all local building codes.

Finding the Perfect Fence Design for Your Wilmington, NC Home: Expert Advice from a Fence Company

When it comes to designing and installing a fence, it can be hard to know what to do. Because of this, it's important to talk to a reputable fence company that works with Wilmington, NC homes. A knowledgeable person from the company should be able to give you advice on the best materials for your climate and lifestyle, as well as the best fence styles for your property.

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