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Colorbond vs Timber Fence: Which is Better for my Backyard?

Oct 6

If you are planning to place a boundary around the yard or your property, you are going to need a high-quality fence. Well, there are a variety of options in the market, but if you prefer style, colour, and luxurious outlook, a few narrows down to it.

Besides, a high-quality and especially a good-looking fence lasts an impression upon your house, so give it a proper thought before you opt for anything. That takes us to the ergonomically designed Colorbond and Timber fencing. It is a hard choice to pick among these two, as both hold a great deal when it comes to fencing.

Colorbond Vs. Timber Fence

Colorbond and Timber fence both are excellent choices. However, you might have a hard time choosing between these two. So, we`ll give you a brief insight into their features, and let you decide about what fulfills your requirement.

Aesthetic Value

1. Timber Fencing

Timber fencing acquires a timeless classic hardwood or treated pine with an aesthetic panel, therefore a perfect option to install for a boundary around your house. Whenever someone visits you at home, the first thing that forms an impression is the exterior such as boundary or lawn. Therefore, it must be appealing to the eye acquiring a natural dewy vibe.

2. Colorbond Fencing

Whereas, on the other hand, Colorbond steel fencing is crafted beautifully from a solid, high-quality steel sheet. The most standard option with this one is the Zincalume steel, a blend of Zinc and Aluminium.

Moreover, this sheet is then coated with multi-colors that are customized according to the owner. Therefore, you can alter them anytime you want to renovate the exterior of your home. In addition to its extravagant nature, the material is hard rock and stronger than the timber fence.


The privacy factor is the main concern of the property owners. It gives them freedom of living style. However, some fences fail to do so due to the gap in the panels. Most commonly, timber fencing has gaps due to the single paling, but on the other side, a lap and cap fence is installed to maximize security with its double-coated paling.

Similarly, colorbond fencing offers 1.8 meters tall fence that is a must-have if you are looking for something that lasts longer for your private mansion.


If you are looking for something long-standing, then a Timber fence is not the right choice for you as it is not resistant to weather altitudes. Due to its full exposure to the rain, the panel’s sun will ultimately break down or damage from different parts.

That will be costly in the years to come. You have to get oil, paint and spend on the maintenance upon the timber fence installed into your house. Comparatively, the Colorbond fence is much reliable when it comes to sturdiness and durability.

However, contractors hired for the timber fence project usually offer maintenance service for up to a year as a quality warranty. That makes it cost-effective as well. As a result, a lot of people with a low budget end up buying this one.

In addition, an average estimate for a timber fence goes around $330 (42mm*18mm). Nevertheless, it varies upon the type and length you want. Talk about the Colorbond fence, so it cost you around $37 per meter.

Longevity of Colorbond Vs. Timber Fence

Wooden fences are a lot more durable when it comes to their finesse-honed surfaces. But with the Colorbond fencing comes longevity with the installation of galvanized steel panels.

Timber fencing lasts shorter due to exposure to rain, sudden climatic changes, and it gets soaked into the water for a long. This will shorten the shelf life, and hence there`s also a risk of termites if not looked after carefully.

Therefore, it requires maintenance after a couple of weeks, such as paint coating, polishing, repairing the worn out parts etc. However, when Colorbond fences are installed, they last longer than Timber because of their painted, water-resistant, and galvanized surface.

Moreover, the polish will keep it fresh and new for much longer. However, if not cared for, it could also get rusty, and hence the lifespan will get shorter.

Is Colorbond fencing cheaper than timber?

Timber fencing is a bit cheaper as compared to Colorbond fencing. But, because of its maintenance required after some time, it gets expensive.

However, the Colorbond fence is a more expensive when installed but lasts longer and requires to be polished after a couple of years. So we`ll conclude this as Colorbond is usually an investment upfront, whereas Timber fence expensive are long-term.

Are Colorbond fences good?

Yes, the Colorbond fence is reliable and durable. That means they last longer than the Timber fences. In addition, they have an excellent tendency to stay water-proof.

Moreover, with the Colorbond, your investment is upfront expensive, but you won`t have to call a contractor each time for the maintenance whenever there`s a major climatic change in the weather.

Are Colorbond fences noisy?

Yes, if you are looking for durable and noise-free fences. In that case, Colorbond is the opposite because it lacks the density that is acquired by modern fencing material for acoustic testing. That makes it noisier whenever rain or strong wind is hovering above the fence.

Final Verdict

Timber fencing and Colorbond fencing both are valuable assets to add in your property. Timber fencing gives off a luxurious vibe with its aesthetic nature. However, on the other hand, Colorbond fences have a lasting effect that stays fresh for years to come.

Both are unique in their way. Besides, if you are thinking of cost-effective fencing, we suggest you go for the Colorbond fence. You can customize the colour you want with this one. This would save you the effort of maintenance.

Meanwhile, if you want something aesthetic to complete the look of your home, go for the Timber fence. Because of its noise-free quality, this is the right choice for a budgeted price, so choose carefully. We wish you luck in your search. We hope this guide will help you choose correctly the styles you want in your fencing. For the best  fence builders look no further than RJ Fencing.