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Epoxy Flooring

Oct 24

What is it and How does it Work?

Epoxy flooring is a type of industrial flooring that can be found in many places, from warehouses to commercial kitchens. It comes in a variety of colours and textures, so you have plenty of options when choosing what will work best for your needs. This article will discuss what epoxy flooring is and why more and more people are going for it. If you need any professional guidance in Toowoomba about epoxy floors, just call Epoxy Floor Toowoomba Pro on (07) 4580 2888.

What is Epoxy Flooring, and why use it?

Epoxy flooring is a special type of floor that is designed to be durable and easy to clean. It provides an attractive option for any business looking for a smooth, non-porous surface that can withstand heavy traffic in the form of carts and forklifts moving across it day after day. Because this material does not absorb liquids like other types of flooring (such as carpet or linoleum), spills are easier to wipe up and don't leave unsightly marks when they dry out.

What kind of Epoxy Floor should I get?

There are several different kinds of epoxy floor coating available today - one factor you may consider when deciding which brand will work best for your needs is price vs durability. You want something that will last, but not everyone can afford to splurge on the most expensive product.

If you're looking for something that costs less than $30 per gallon, you'll want to stick with a water-based epoxy floor. These are easier and safer to apply (you don't have to worry about breathing in harmful fumes or dust), and they tend to be more durable because there's no solvent involved when mixing it up. Just make sure your workplace is ventilated well enough during application so that fumes aren't an issue - otherwise, you might find yourself needing medical attention later! If your business needs something even tougher, consider investing in one of our two clear urethane systems; these coatings cost closer to $50 per gallon but will deliver outstanding results.

The two urethane systems are especially great because it is the only type of coating that can be walked on when it's dry, which is a big deal if you need to get the job done quickly.


How does epoxy flooring work?

Epoxy flooring works by bonding the epoxy mixture to your concrete floor, effectively creating a new surface that can be polished or left matte for different aesthetics. The technique is similar to applying paint onto the wood; you must apply multiple coats of no more than 400 square feet per gallon before allowing it to cure between each coat.

You should also consider investing in our two clear urethane systems if you need something even tougher. These cost closer to $50 per gallon but will deliver outstanding results!


Is epoxy flooring right for me?

This type of flooring is suitable for garages, workshops, or even basements. The material is also very versatile in that it can be polished to a shine for use as an industrial workbench or flooring system.

Epoxy floors are quickly becoming one of the most popular choices among homeowners who need something tough enough to withstand everyday wear and tear while still offering great looks. This type of flooring works by bonding epoxy mixture with your concrete surface, creating a brand new finish that can either be left matte or given a high-gloss polish depending on the aesthetics you're going for!

Epoxy flooring is an excellent way to ensure your home remains in top shape for years of use. No matter what the cost, you will be happy that you spent the money on epoxy floors when they are still looking great after ten or twenty years. If you're ready to install new epoxies floors, don't hesitate any longer! Contact Epoxy Floor Toowoomba Pro today, and we'll help guide you through all of your options so that it's easy to find just what you need. We would love nothing more than to partner with our customers by providing high-quality products at unbeatable prices while also helping them choose a design that suits their needs perfectly. Call us now on (07) 4580 2888 and let's get started! We are the Toowoomba epoxy flooring masters!

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