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How Much Does It Cost To Put Up A Fence?

Oct 14

How Much Does It Cost To Put Up A Fence?

Laying a fence is a long-term investment. In fact, the first fence I ever put up was in 1991 and it cost me nearly $500 to do it.

Are you looking to put up a fence? If so, you probably want to know how much it will cost. If you have a fenced yard and are looking to install a fence, you need to know what it costs to do it right. What materials are used? What kind of work is involved? Where do I find a professional contractor? If you are looking for the best prices on fencing around your home or business, I recommend checking out one of these DIY fence posts.

I’m a big fan of the simple, easy-to-build, no-fuss backyard fence. You build it in a day (though you can do this with a little planning and some planning) and it’s cheap and fun… and perfect for both privacy and deterrent. The company I use for my own backyard fence is The Fence Company. It’s easy to use — if you know how to build a proper fence — and The Fence Company does not gouge you on shipping charges.

Fences can be expensive. But how much? I’m going to show you that installing a fence is really cheap, in fact, but it may require you to work for an hour or two to do it right and make sure it doesn’t fall over.



Fence Setup Cost

Typically, fence installation costs between with the majority of house owners investing in between depending on the type of fencing materials picked. A common privacy fence costs ready to install, with products alone making up around of your overall cost. National Average Cost: $2,711 Minimum Expense: $815 Optimum Expense: $7,500 Typical Range.

There's a wide variety of materials to pick from, such as chain link, wrought iron, aluminum, vinyl, and wood, which each have various fencing rates.

I’ve never been a fan of fences, but I do love the sleek, modernist look of a fence that uses the aesthetics of the building to help define its presence. Curbed has a great article on the benefits of fences and how they can make any city feel more homey. I love a good fence in my apartment or townhouse, so I was excited to hear about this new project from a company I enjoy.

Not Buying A Fence

I have a whole lot of excuses for not buying a fence. I feel like I should have done it ages ago, and I haven’t regretted not doing anything. But this fence company was very highly recommended by my friend Janice after we went on a trip to see the new home of her family in England. Janice bought the new fence and had it installed while we were away. We were just cooing over it in the street when we got back and I told Janice, “I’m so glad you’ve got this beautiful fence, but I am going to spend my money on something else.” Not only did she have a beautiful fence, but she also saved me from getting a new wardrobe.

Different Types Of Fencing Cost

Wrought Iron Fence Expense A wrought iron fence expenses, with costs varying from for a 150-foot fence. On average, 75% of your expenses are credited to products alone. Wrought iron fencing can have customed designs, be utilized to confine swimming pools, or blended with brick columns to create a luxury appearance.

PVC & Composite Fencing Cost The typical expense of PVC or composite fencing ranges between, with the majority of homeowners investing for a 150-foot fence. Generally, PVC is available in 6' wide panels, and vinyl posts are set in concrete holes 3' deep. Supplies needed to set up PVC fencing consist of materials, fasteners, post concrete, and adapters.

Most PVC fences that are installed professionally must last as lots of as 15 years or longer. Steel & Metal Fence Prices Corrugated metal and steel fence costs range from usually. For a normal 150-foot metal fence, property owners invest between for products and professional setup. Steel is exceptionally long lasting and simple to preserve.

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