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How to Make Your Fence Look Old Again

Oct 22

There comes a time when you want to know how to make your fence look old again. It may be that you have put so much work and money into keeping the fence looking its best, it might even be time for a new start. Whatever the reason, if you are feeling as though you do not have much pride in your fence, you know that you can do something about it. Learn how to make your fence look old again, and you may find that it is exactly what you need.

Before you get started, you will want to ensure that your fence is painted all over. If you are hoping to avoid years of staining and fading, this is one important step. Even if you are just trying to fix minor damage, it will help you prevent any future staining. You will also want to make sure that there is no mold or mildew growing on your fence, since these can ruin the look of your entire fence. If this is so, it is time to remove the molds and mildew from the area around your fence.

One way to make your fence look old again is to bring in some landscaping plants. If you have ever tried this route, you know that it works well. Many people who live in rural areas have small patches of lawn in the center of their yards, and they are happy to let nature take its course. If you have a bit more space, you can plant flowers or shrubs in those spaces, giving your fence a gorgeous new look. If you have not had much success with this route, consider using gravel in your yard. gravel can make a very beautiful border, and it does not require a lot of work or effort on your part.

If you still love your fence in Tampa, but you are tired of seeing it, you may want to try repainting it. Most hardware stores carry a wide variety of high-quality paint products designed for fence use. You can choose between flat paintbrushes, stripes, or even stencils. If you plan on doing this on your own, you will need to prepare the area surrounding your fence, so that the paint sticks properly. This can be a challenging task, but it is not difficult if you have a few helpful friends around to help you.

Once you have prepared the area, you will want to start painting. Make sure that all of the trim is stripped before you begin, so that the fence can look as old as possible. Apply one coat of primer before you apply the paint, so that it can properly bond to the wooden frame of your fence. This will help the paint to last a lot longer, and it will make your fence look old in a big way.

Now that you know how to make your fence look old again, you will want to start doing some repairs. Start out by looking at your fence's hardware. Many times, a little restoration is all that is needed. Repairs such as a broken or cracked corner can be easily taken care of using sandpaper, and it will make your fence look brand new at the same time. Try applying a thin coat of wood stain to these areas, too, to help the hardware to match the rest of your fence.

Some other things you can do are to repaint the walkways, pathways, or other features that lead to your backyard. You can sand them down and reapply some primer, then reapply the paint. The same thing goes for railing or posts. Just make sure that they are clean, so that they look great when the sun reflects off of them.

You can do all of this while your children are in the house, so that they will not be tempted to rough up anything that you have worked so hard to fix. As they become more grown up, you may decide that you want to take your family along on your next project. In that case, you will be ready to show the rest of the country how to make your fence look old again. The only thing left to do after that is to enjoy your beautiful fence!