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Impact Windows vs Regular Windows - ABEX Impact Windows 2021

Jul 8


First off, hurricane impact windows are what they sound like. They are made out of durable materials that are designed to handle high winds and also breakaway from a structure to protect the people inside. Many impact windows can be easily installed into existing windows frames or over regular ones by using all of the hardware and accessories that come with them. This makes a project go by fairly quickly.

Hurricane impact windows, also known as storm-resistant windows, are by default designed to protect your property from an incoming storm. During a hurricane watch, if you’re using regular windows, you’ll need to additionally reinforce them in an attempt to minimize the potential damage. You can board them up with plywood or install hurricane shutters beforehand. When a watch is issued, you’ll want to prepare your property as fast as possible and move on to stocking on crucial supplies and planning an evacuation plan. Having windows that are manned and ready can provide you with valuable time.

Impact Glass

The main contributor to the effectiveness of storm-resistant windows is impact glass. Impact glass is made up of 2 panes of glass laminated together. They are then additionally reinforced with a layer of  PVB (polyvinyl butyral) or EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate) between them, keeping the glass from shattering. 

In contrast, standard windows use only one layer of glass that can easily shatter under harsh weather conditions. If the glass breaks, your home becomes jeopardized by water and wind. Not to mention that little pieces of glass flying around can do some severe damage.

Impact windows and doors are pricier than regular windows. That is a fact, but it doesn’t mean that you should shy away from them. In fact, investing in impact windows and doors will increase the value of your home (and lower your home owner’s insurance cost), makes you save on energy costs and provides you with a guarantee that the window/door system won’t need to be replaced for up to a lifetime. But what does an impact window look like? And what are the benefits of buying them? Learn more about it below.

Most homeowners that decide to go with impact windows and doors, ask themselves if it’s worth the price. While we all agree they are a hefty investment, they can make a dramatic difference in your home’s value and overall appearance.

A lot of people ask whether impact windows and doors are worth the cost. I can confidently tell you that they are well worth the cost. Impact windows and doors do more than just protect you from intruders; they protect you from the elements, save you money on your utility bills, and make your home more secure.

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