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Masonry Problem Solving Ideas

Jul 27


There are a few common concerns that homeowners run into regarding problems with their surrounding yard areas that are worth review.  Each of these so-called problems can be easily fixed with the help of a Long Island masonry expert who has the knowledge and expertise to tackle any problem area and turn it into a one-of-a-kind area.

The first thing to remember is that regardless of the size of your outdoor yard, there is a multitude of masonry design elements to choose from that come in various shapes, colors, and sizes. With endless possibilities don’t let the size of your property keep you from making improvements.  A small yard can easily be transformed into a cozy and intimate outdoor living space.

Another common concern is uneven yard elevations.  One excellent solution to solving this problem is installing paver steps which make for an eye-appealing transition from one area to the next. These elevated areas can break up the landscape and offer you the opportunity to stage different sitting areas.  Installing masonry steps also alleviates costs associated with leveling soil.

For those of you who are troubled by the inability to walk through tough terrain whether it be uneven grassy patches, or uneven, rocky terrain, the installation of a paver stone walkway could be the solution.  Masonry walks can help keep visitors off the grass, alleviate possible injuries, and makes the journey more aesthetically pleasing.

If faced with the problem of a small inside entertainment area, there is no need to look further than your own backyard for an opportunity to transform your outside space into the perfect entertainment area. Masonry patios of brick, stone, or slate allow the party guests to spill over and enjoy the party under a sunny sky or a star-filled night.  Additionally, outdoor lighting can be simply installed after your masonry walkway, patio and steps have been installed as opposed to the work involved when changing the design of a concrete structure.

Of course, there are always questions surrounding upkeep. Regular maintenance including sweeping and short power washing can help keep your paver patio looking neat and clean from weeds and should a portion of your patio ever need repair, it is much simpler to swap and replace a damaged section than having to re-pour concrete.  Additionally, pavers can withstand harsh outdoor elements of wind, snow, rain, and ice and are less prone to the cracking and chipping associated with wood and concrete surfaces.

So, don’t let these issues prevent you from moving forward with your outdoor renovation plans.  By sitting down with a qualified, masonry expert you can explore the many options available for coming up with a unique design that is sure to bring you years of luxury outdoor living.