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The Ideal Lawn for your Home

Oct 21

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Perfect Lawn


Having a nice lawn is something that many people strive for. However, the task of choosing the perfect lawn can be daunting. There are many factors to consider when choosing the ideal lawn for your home. You need to take into account grass type, soil conditions, pH level, water availability, sunlight exposure and more. We are here to help guide you in your decision by providing information on some of the best options out there.  We have created this guide so that you can choose the perfect lawn for your needs! Professional Lawn Care Newcastle can also help you to settle for the perfect lawn for your home. Contact them on (02) 4058 1298.

Decide on a type of grass.

There are different types of grass to choose from. The type of grass you’ll be growing will depend on where your lawn is located and what season it is in at the time. If you live in a very hot area, then fescue or Bermuda might not work as well since these types of grass tend to go dormant during long periods without rain.

If you live in a cold area, then you might want to opt for fescue or Bermuda. These types of grass can withstand colder weather and will remain green in the winter months. If your area is milder, Zoysia or Bermuda make great options since they can handle drought conditions well.

The PH level will also affect the type of grass you can grow. Ideal ranges are between a pH of five and seven, but most turf types will work at a slightly higher or lower level as well.

If your area is shady, then Centipede Grass might be the perfect fit for you because it does not do very well in full sun exposure. You should avoid St Augustine Grass if shade conditions exist due to its sensitivity to fungus growth when under tree coverage.

Although many varieties of Turfgrass go dormant during winter months, some varieties such as Bermuda continue growing even through snowfall, so they’re great options for areas where little precipitation falls throughout the year.


Determine the size and shape of your lawn

The size and shape of your land will determine which type of grass will work best for your lawn. For small areas, you can choose a turf blend that is made up of several different types of grasses. These blends are usually ideal for smaller yards since they tend to be easier to maintain and take less water than monofloral or homogenous plantings.

If the size and shape of your yard require more than just a simple turf blend, then opt for native species instead. Native species tend to require less maintenance because they have adapted well to their natural environment over time and don’t need as much fertilizing or irrigation as many other varieties do.

When considering how big you want your lawn area to be, pay attention to whether there are any trees on the property that are likely to be affected by the increased sunlight.

If there are any trees on your property, plan for a large lawn so it doesn’t interfere with their growth or shade them out completely.

Trees can also serve as an attractive backdrop when paired with ornamental plantings in the background of your yard design. When you think about what type of plants make up your lawn area, consider using native vegetation.

Lawn care is a lot of work, but it can be done professionally with the right tools and knowledge. Contact your city hall office to find out if you need a permit for installing turf in certain areas (i.e., near water). Finally, research what types of weeds may grow in your climate and choose which ones will work best with the type of soil in your area.

Why you should hire a professional for your lawn

Hiring a professional who is knowledgeable about lawn care and landscaping will save you time and money and keep your yard looking beautiful.

If you want to make sure it’s done right with optimal results, it’s a good idea to hire an expert lawn service company like Professional Lawn Care Newcastle, who can provide all of these things for you! They provide services like weeding, hedge trimming, mulching and lawn mowing Newcastle. You can reach them on (02) 4058 1298.


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